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there is life on the moon. (by MercuryAensland520) Posted 17 Nov 2016 - 13:40
Oatashi oa koko ni iru! pRO player since 2003! Sarah server..
Untitled (by Aysha) Posted 22 Oct 2016 - 12:38
sometimes i wonder what happened to people i knew 10 years ago. i wonder how you're doing. i hope you're alright. i'm alright. i'm still here. i wonder if you're still there~  
Hello... (by jake) Posted 30 Aug 2016 - 03:46's me. I was wondering if after all these years anyone I know is still around and tinkering on RO?!
Temptaion to change template (by kangtuji) Posted 14 Feb 2016 - 12:30
I must admin, I am pretty tempted to change the layout into like this But ! I am still liking the current layout, ... kinda a dillema, oh well for time being let alone, I am gonna still us... (more)
"That" time again (by kangtuji) Posted 10 Feb 2016 - 14:37
Oh god, it already "that" month again...     
podcast trial (by MercuryAensland520) Posted 01 Feb 2016 - 13:58
;) a fairy's wink if you still know what I mean..     ahaha
private blogs (by MercuryAensland520) Posted 17 Jan 2016 - 16:26
Shouldn\\\\'t blog marked as personal not! display! At rostory\\\\'s! Homepage!     and all the things we weren't even supposed to cry at.. we're made and forced to cry.. do you know.. a ... (more)
Merry Christmas 2015 (by kangtuji) Posted 24 Dec 2015 - 23:11
Nothing to say more, not much thing written in blog as RO already been running like... 12 years or more, its became less and less to discuss about. Everything became grinding, grinding, and more grinding, and its now kinda money ori... (more)
Scribbling Kid: When Lightining strikes fast! back in 2000; 3 Literary Selections (by MercuryAensland520) Posted 17 Dec 2015 - 19:18
I remember during my first year high school back in 2000 that we were required to to submit some literary selections. Back in those days I kept transferring schools and have gone back to a school I enrolled at before. Us boys can get rea... (more)
Fanfictions, thought poems-posts, and maybe my own stuff.. (by MercuryAensland520) Posted 07 Dec 2015 - 09:51
I've been reading some Fanfiction stuff on since 2005. Before I share the fave fanfictions I would share my experience of messageboards and fanfictions. And there was an incident that somebody was plagiarizing some... (more)

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