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Augmented Reality in Online Shopping

AR makes it possible to see virtual products in your actual environment, and the integration of AR in eCommerce is quickly changing how consumers shop by allowing them to see what they want to buy before any purchase is made.

Even with the knowledge of a product’s dimensions, it’s still challenging to envision how it will look in your home or on your counter beyond a simple eyeball test. Augmented reality is set to revamp the online shopping experience in that sense. What if consumers could see the product in front of them right now? AR is providing value to retailers and shoppers alike in these three areas:
Creating an Engaging Buying Experience

Augmented Reality in online shopping

Keeping shoppers engaged throughout the buyer’s journey is a priority for all retailers, but it’s still a difficult task. Engaging users through augmented reality leads to longer times spent browsing an online store, interacting with products, and testing additional functionality through AR.

Additionally, AR provides true value when it comes to making a purchase decision.

While shopping online, customers have to imagine and interpret what an item would feel like in their hands or look like in their home. AR technology helps overcome this online buyer’s challenge by transforming imagination into a reality.

Posted: 02:32, February 21, 2017
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